You have blank walls. You like fine art. You’d like to combine those two things, but your household doesn’t pull in an astronomical amount of money. That’s a pickle. How do you upgrade your mass-market poster of Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss to an original print, painting, or drawing? (By the way, no judgement! I had one of those posters, plus a Jackson Pollock and a Georgia O’Keefe, all proudly mounted to the wall with tape.)

The fine art market has the well-deserved reputation for being the realm of the rich. On the heels of Art Basel, which ended last week, that’s even more apparent. As Scott Rayburn of the New York Times reports, numerous multi-million dollar works of art were sold by galleries over the course of the show. Rayburn even quotes the New York dealer Paula Cooper, who says, “It’s all about power and money.”

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