Dream Fossil, Satoshi Kon, Vertical May 2015

Dream Fossil is a trip. The collected stories of Satoshi Kon have little in common other than their creator and the fact that they’re all snippets and facets, daydreams of life. As he honed his artistic and storytelling craft, Kon’s topics ranged from baseball to robots to historical Japan. Are they all amazing? Nope. To borrow a metaphor from the book, there are some strikes and some home runs—but that doesn’t really matter. Kon, rather than his varied subjects, is the focus of this anthology.

Before Satoshi Kon helmed any of his hit anime projects—Paprika, Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers,Perfect Blue and more—he was a mangaka. Not only did he write and illustrate his own doujinshi and serialized stories, but he also worked on Akira with Katsuhiro Otomo. He collaborated with Mamoru Oshii on Seraphim 26661336 Wings and crafted his very own OPUS. It’s no exaggeration to say that Satoshi Kon was a master storyteller. Sadly, he died in 2010 at the young age of 46, and we—his fans—are left to mine his existing material and mourn the loss of whatever beautiful, insightful stories he didn’t have time to tell.

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